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kinook 04-20-2009 11:37 AM

How to import from Surfulater?
To import bookmarks from Surfulater:

1) In Surfulater, select an item with bookmarks (or an item with child items containing bookmarks)

2) Right-click on the node and choose Send To -> HTML File(s)

3) Download AddrView and extract and run addrview.exe

4) Choose File | Open HTML File on the menu and browse to and select the exported HTML file

5) Select all parsed URLs (select the first one starting with http:// [skipping the image files at the beginning], scroll to the end of the list, hold down Shift and select the last http:// link [skipping the saig:// links])

6) On the menu, choose Edit | Copy Select Items (URLs Only)

7) In Ultra Recall, choose File | Import on the menu select Files and click Next, paste the URLs into the Files to import field, choose desired import options, and complete the import.

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