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kinook 01-24-2011 03:27 PM

Resolving problems with multiple evaluation of script expressions
When upgrading to Visual Build v7 or later and building with the GUI app, you might encounter a situation where builds no longer behave as expected, if script expressions are used in step properties or conditional build rules. To resolve this, clear out the Watches pane or remove any [Step] and [LastStep] entries from it (View | Other Windows | Watches).

By default, the Watches pane (new in v7) is populated with the Step and LastStep properties. When a step object is shown in the Watches pane, its property values are evaluated and displayed, resulting in script expressions such as vbld_NextDelimValue in a conditional expression or other step properties getting evaluated (and changing the value of that temp macro) whenever the Watches pane gets refreshed.

In v7+, the Loop action can now be used instead of vbld_NextDelimValue to iterate over values (in lists, files, recordsets, etc.) more easily and without these side effects.

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