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kinook 06-26-2007 12:59 PM

Preventing crash in VB6.exe from Make VB6 action
When building a VB6 project from the command-line with the Make VB6 action, vb6.exe may crash, followed by this error in the Visual Build log:
Process completed with exit code -1073741819

The error code indicates an access violation in vb6.exe. Some possible causes for this error:;EN-US;q194753

If none these help resolve the problem, open a support incident with MS regarding the problem, providing the vb6 command-line used to build the project by checking the 'Display the compiler command-line' option on the Options tab of the Make VB6 action and rebuilding the step. Note: Since the Make VB6 action uses a temporary copy of the .vbp file to get around the VB6 limitation of not being able to build a project from the command-line that is already loaded in the IDE, remove the ~~tmp from the vbp filename that the Make VB6 action logs.

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