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kinook 07-21-2008 02:11 PM

Version 6.7a
Released on July 21, 2008

Bug Fixes

  • Advanced Installer action: -fromfile flag in wrong location.
  • Builder component: Unexpected error during build in rare cases.
  • ClearCase action: 1) Use -baseline instead of -baselines as required for rebase command; 2) Use -add_loadrules instead of -addloadrules for 'Pname is load rule file' option for update command.
  • Exiting build (via Exit action or failure option) within repeating loop doesn't exit build.
  • FTP action: Doesn't log filename properly with no copy option.
  • GUI App: Flashing tool tip with long text.
  • Make VS.NET action: MSBuild not found on systems where , is decimal point.
  • PLink Tunnel action: Quote executable filename if it contains spaces.
  • Replace in File action: Logging of file contents didn't include appended text.
  • Run Program/Batch File actions: 1) Remote call leaks registry handle; 2) Use Start In path only on remote process and not also for PsExec process on local computer.
  • Script Editor: Comment/uncomment block not working for PowerShell and Batch languages.
  • Team Build action: New v2008 arguments not passed properly (missing colon).
  • VMware Workstation action: Open file handle when adding no prompt line prevents vmrun from accessing .vmx file.

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