View Full Version : How can I make Ultra Recall my default browser?

03-04-2005, 05:40 PM
Ultra Recall can be used as your default browser, you simply need to configure your registry appropriately. The attached file (UR_DefaultBrowser.reg) can be used to make these registry changes.

To use the attached .zip/.reg file: extract the .reg file from the attached .zip file to your hard-drive, then double-click on it and answer Yes to the confirmation prompt.

Warning: Care should be taken whenever modifying the registry as a invalid registry can render your computer unusable (requiring a full reinstallation of your OS). While this .reg file has been tested and we are confident it works satisfactorily, Kinook Software provides no warranties regarding it's use.
It is highly recommended that you back up your registry before making any changes to it!

Note: If you try to launch a http/https/ftp url externally from Ultra Recall when it is the default browser, it won't actually launch the url externally. This is because Ultra Recall simply launches the url in the default browser (which is itself in that case).

Note 2: Most modern browsers have a way to reassign themselves as the default browser (such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) which would be the simplest way to restore a different default browser after applying this reg file...