View Full Version : Can I create project-specific log files?

04-08-2003, 09:51 AM
Yes -- select File | Properties from the menu bar, switch to the Logging tab (http://www.kinook.com/VisBuildPro/Manual/projloggingtab.htm), enable project-specific log files and enter the log filename (or leave the filename field blank to disable file logging for the project). This will add a LOGFILE project macro to your project with a value of the filename to log to, overriding any log file defined in Tools | Application Options | Logging (http://www.kinook.com/VisBuildPro/Manual/loggingopt.htm) (which defines a system LOGFILE macro to be used for all projects unless overridden). Even if logging is not enabled globally in the application options, a log file will be generated if a project-level log file is specified.

Alternatively, project-specific log files can be defined for every project automatically by entering%PROJDIR%\%PROJROOT%.login the logging options filename field. These system macros (http://www.kinook.com/VisBuildPro/Manual/systemmacros.htm) will be expanded when a project is built and the path and root name of the project file will be used for the log file.