View Full Version : How to create a unique/sequenced ID for items

01-07-2008, 04:56 PM
Each item in an Ultra Recall database is automatically assigned a unique ID (in the ItemID attribute). To display this attribute, go to 'Tools | Options | Attributes <tab>,' check the checkbox next to ItemID, and click OK. The ItemID attribute will then be displayed in the Item Attributes pane and can also be added to column layouts in the Related Items pane, searched on in an Advanced Search, etc. Each item's ItemID attribute is unique to a .urd file, and it grows sequentially as items are added to the database.

Also, the Tree Order attribute can be used to assign a unique value for all immediate children of a given parent item. If 'Tools | Options | Trees | Alphabetically sort when adding children to new items', is unchecked, each child item added to an item with no children will automatically be assigned the next sequential value, beginning with 1. Or, for existing children that are sorted alphabetically, moving one of them up or down in the Data Explorer pane will manually sort the list and assign a Tree Order value to each child item. Then, the Tree Order attribute can be added to the Related Items pane layout to display and/or sort on.