View Full Version : When should I compact and/or repair?

06-13-2005, 12:31 PM
The Repair functionality was created early in the development cycle of Ultra Recall to verify and/or fix the integrity of an Info Database. As Ultra Recall matured and stabilized during development this functionality became less important. When Ultra Recall was released it was decided to leave this functionality in place (it is still tested and maintained) but it is not necessary for routine use (but is recommended if you suspect that data has been lost or corrupted...).

Compacting is also unnecessary for routine use as Ultra Recall will automatically reclaim any unused space (created by deleting information) as new Info Items are created. The only time it could be beneficial is after you delete a large amount of information and then wish to shrink the Info Database without adding additional data.
Note: Compacting can be a lengthly process on large Info Databases. While Compacting is cancellable, be aware that after reopening an Info Database that was cancelled during a compact operation, a long delay may be experienced during which time Ultra Recall rolls back the incomplete compact changes...