View Full Version : How to show all grandchildren (or "Reverse Inheritance")

05-02-2005, 11:50 AM
One feature that we've had some requests for is the ability to show all children+grandchildren for an Info Item.

To understand the concept, consider this simple example:
+ Projects
--+ Project A
----+ Project A-1
----+ Project A-2

The request (as we understand it) is for Project A, Project A-1, and Project A-2 to appear as children (in the Related Items Pane) when Projects is selected.

We are considering implementing this capability directly in a future version of Ultra Recall, however in the meantime, you can achieve this functionality with a simple two-step process.

Preliminary step: Create new Search item or copy an existing Quick Search item, clear the "Search for" field, and check the "Limit search to bold item in Data Explorer pane" checkbox. Perhaps name this Saved Search as "Show All Grandchildren" or "Reverse Inheritance View".

1a) Select the Info Item in the Data Explorer you want to see all children/grandchildren for
1b) Select the saved search item you initially created...

After creating the Saved Search, you can use steps 1a/b any time to display a "Reverse Inheritance view" of any Info Item very easily...