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  1. How can Visual Build Pro help with the complexities of building VB6 COM components?
  2. How can I send an email to the responsible developer when a VS.NET build fails?
  3. How can I set a different product and file version for VC6 or VS.NET builds?
  4. How do I update the properties in a VS.NET Setup project?
  5. How can I get full paths in error messages when building VC7/7.1 projects?
  6. How can I use Assembly (file) references in Visual Studio projects?
  7. How can I publish a Visual Studio ClickOnce application?
  8. How to build using Visual Build in the Visual Studio IDE
  9. Targeting .NET v1.1 in VS 2005 using MSBee
  10. Deploying/publishing Visual Studio web sites
  11. How can I send email to an Exchange distribution list?